Contract Services
Ginkgolide Pharmaceuticals(GKL), Baiyu's finished dosage production base, with EU/FDA GMP based facilities, provide contract manufacturing service for global customers.Our capacities range from lab study to pilot and commercial scale production, and we offer comprehensive and flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Service Items:Annual Capacities
Lyophilization : 100 million vials(2-10ml vials)
Aseptic Filling : 120 million ampoules(1-10ml ampoules)

Tablet : 400 million tablets

Capsule : 200 million capsules
Primary&secondary packaging and warehousing

Team:200 professionals with rich industrial experience
Equipment: Bosch filling lines/RABS, Tofflon lyophilizers, Siemens SCADA/BMS, etc.
Quality System:Comply with world’s most stringent GMP requirements, regulations and guidelines.
Focus on risk prevention and continuous improvement to ensure stable quality
Management:Cost-effectivemess and value increase for customers
Quality commitment
We committe to provide high quality medicinal products;
Meet patients requirements and constantly improving;
Improve quality control system continuously;
Comply with all the related regulations.
After 10 years of development, our research center is fully functional to cover every single process in new drug development including market research, pre-research, extraction&refining, API, finished dosage formulation, pilot study and quality control, technology industrilization study, post marketing quality control and interllectual property protection. In 2010, it was awarded "Sichuan High-tech Enteprise Technology Center". Presently, a new research center is under construction with a land area of 10000 ㎡including an advanced research institute with 500 professionals. Specifically, Baiyu work closely with national-level institutes and hospitals such as Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, West China Hospital. As a result, the research center has applied about 10 patents every year which is a the cornerstone of maintaining the company's market competetivness . Utill now, the company has received 129 global patents, and amongst them 55 has been granted and specifically "A Kind of Pharmaceutical Compositions of Ginkgolide” "was awarded"“The 18th Chinese Patent of Excellence." In addition to Ginkgolide Injection, Baiyu has approval certifications of other 7 products such as Enoxaparin sodium,lansoprazole and over 50 products are under development.
Aseptic Filling
 Products application
Oral solid form
Sales network establishments and products distribution(include products which has approval certification but not marketed)
Baiyu has a nation-wide marketing&sales force.
Under the guidance of the company's "goodness" culture, our relationship with the business partners are transforming from competing into a win-win cooperation, that is, we are running our business together as a family.
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